Erasmus+ An experience with and for Refugees is a granted project KA2 Nº:2017-1-PT01-KA219-035798.

It will be developed during the next three years and we intend to know the perceptions from the communities about refugees.

Partners countries are Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Hungary and Germany.






A1.SEPT.Project presentation to the community-school meetings and website,newspapers, facebook

A2.SEPT.Create the Erasmus+ team;develop students activities;logo contest in each school;

A3.OCT.Video with historic, economic,religious and geographic facts related to refugees mobility;Prepare the search with teachers and edit a video;All students from the school will see the videos.

A4.OCT.To vote for the logo of the project;

M1.NOV.1st Transnational Meeting Portugal-Cultural activities;define the questionnaire(quest)items to find community perceptions  related to refugees with Oporto University-Pshycology Faculty;Seminar UNICEF.Budget discussion.Design of the products.Presentation videos(3).Newsletter(NL1)

A5.DEC/JAN.Convention on the Rights of the Child- Arts, ICT,PPT, letters, posters, video.NL2.

A6.JAN.Apply the quest1-teachers, parents and students

A7.FEB/MAR.Analyze the data.-Students and teachers collect the data and create graphics and create a presentation about the results;-Statistical analysis;NL3.

C1.APRIL.1st Short Term Students’ Exchange Italy – DVD with the Convention on the Rights of the Child works presentation

-Seminar-A travel to a safer place;-Analyze the first results of the quest1 per country;-Cultural and sport activities;lab activities with writers and ilustrators.NL4;

A8.APR.Presentation of the DVDs-Presentation of the DVDs with the Convention on the Rights of the Child works in every country;Interview authorities-national politics concerning refugees;

A9.MAY/JUNE.Public presentation of the national questionnaires results-Each class in assembly reflects about the results and present strategies to solve problems detected.

A10.JUN/JUL.Presentation of the national quest. results and students solutions using Facebook,webpages and newspaper and NL5.

A11.JUL.Intermediate report-Each coordinator prepares the Intermediate report.





A12.SEP.International politics concerning refugees- Search data related to this subject.Students organize a video presentation and present it to all the students from school.NL6.

C2.OCT.2nd Short Term Students’ Exchange Greece-Cultural and sport activities;-Seminar:-Presentation of the national questionnaires results comparing countries results and international policies;-Meeting with different religious/cultural communities

-Visit refugee camps,meet refugee children,do activities with them (dance theatre-games);Students write the play “Cross the Aegean sea”;Create the NL7 about the meeting;

A13.NOV.To know some personal stories from children refugees.Discuss the children rights and fears.

Present the play “Cross the Aegean sea” for parents and community.NL8.

A14.DEC.Simulation–IF I WERE a REFUGEE–what should I took on my backpack-Each children draws or write what they would take on a mobility across the ocean;-each child brings from home a backpack with what they needed for the way.NL9.

A15.JAN.To know some personal stories from professionals(policy, nurses, doctors, etc); Invite NGO to tell stories about their experience–record a video.NL10

A16.FEB. To edit a DVD with personal stories.-The students edit a DVD with personal stories.

C3.MAR.3rd Short Term Students’ Exchange Portugal -Cultural and sport activities;-Seminar-Presentation of the activity IF I WERE a REFUGEE;Presentation of the play “Cross the Aegean sea” NL11

A17.APR.Invite NGO to know their work.-Invite NGO to know their work and interview volunteers about campaigns- how to help, organize a campaign.NL12

C4.MAY.4th Short Term Students’ Exchange Spain-Cultural and sport activities;-Seminar-Presentation of the NGO experiences.NL13

A18.JUN/JUL.Presentation of the Seminar Conclusions;-Video published on facebook, webpages,newspapers